Our Methodology

When we face repeated issues of an intangible nature, such as emotions, thoughts and relationships, we hope for an easy answer that makes it all go away and disappear.

Before we delve into the methodologies used in Inner Friend's work, we would like to share that through years of working with human emotions, thoughts and relationships, it is important to recognize that this is an ongoing inner journey.

If you start and continue on an inner journey, it could be one of the toughest and most rewarding journeys that accompanies you through your life. It could bring you choice and empowerment that comes from inside you, that no one can ever take away, and something that you can share to light up another's life.

We hope that you would receive the learnings and wisdoms with gratitude and love, and bring it forward to others who are facing darkness in their inner world.

Now, let's begin.

Principles of Our Methodology

  • Love: Coming from a space of love and encouragement instead of pushing, blaming and shaming.
  • Compassion: Giving open and gentle space, kindness and understanding for you to befriend and be attuned to your inner emotions, thoughts and body.
  • Truth: We as humans often live in our own world, and it is the unconscious existence in this world that clouds our judgement, inhibits our love and presence. As far as possible, let's keep striving to be truthful with ourselves and others around us, to go past the myths we tell ourselves (or that others tell us).

The HeartSpace Method

  • Coaching: group and one-to-one
  • Models and frameworks on relationships and knowing yourself
  • Actions + Reflections to take actions, reflect, learn and grow
  • Practice-based learning beyond theory
  • Somatic connection and emotional healing with the body
  • Meditation, mindfulness and awareness
  • Support and feedback from fellow women in the community