A Letter To You

Escape competition through authenticity.
Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList

Inner Friends are executives, managers, entrepreneurs, creators, software engineers, freelancers, HR, marketers, musicians, writers; anyone who is drawn to personal growth, living an authentic life and care about making change.

Basically, anyone who chooses to live a great life (not just a good one) by:

  1. Pursuing their dreams
  2. Value relationships — to oneself, others, community and the world
  3. Living an authentic and aligned life, that's truest to themselves
  4. Embracing a growth mindset and seek constant improvements.
  5. Enjoys learning about the world
  6. Freeing themselves from old beliefs
  7. Being self-aware
  8. Being curious and open
  9. Being empathetic

If you're an Inner Friend and want to live a great life, you're in the right place.


We help people to be an Inner Friend to themselves, their partners, family and friends, and community.

We provide a compassionate and non-judgemental space that empowers you to make the change that you want in your life (yes, we know that change can be difficult, and our community will be supporting you on this journey).

We help people to understand themselves — find their unique superpowers, the "spark" and flow, and making sense of the relationship dynamics and emotions that revolves around.

We care about making a change, and we want to share with you a piece of the Inner Journey that we're on — a path that's compassionate, kind, happy and fulfilled, a path that aligns your Inner core with your manifestations (in career, money, relationships, health).

We believe that

  1. your Inner world will manifest your External world. The problems that happened in your career and relationships are just a reflection of your inner state (thoughts and emotions).
  2. the world is getting more complex and uncertain. We can't navigate complexity and uncertainty with old beliefs and old mental models. And self-awareness and self-reflection is the key to navigate this landscape.
  3. logic is over-emphasized in our society. It shouldn't be choosing between being logical or being emotional. We believe in integration of the heart (emotions) and the mind (logic).

Our Calling

To create a supportive space and community for you to be with your Inner self

We create cohort-based learning courses to help you:

  1. Discover your unique strengths to build a meaningful and unique career.
  2. Focus on your comparative advantage and stand out at workplace.
  3. Build deep and meaningful connections with yourself, your partner, family and friends.
  4. Build your self-leadership capability
  5. Maximize your potential
If this resonates with you, stick around.
Welcome to this journey, my Inner Friend.

— Li Xuan, Kai Ning, Audrey