Inner Work

Wild Woman and Kept Woman

November 22, 2021
Li Xuan

Wild woman,
Her eyes shine
Her heart sings
Connected, deep intuition
From mother earth
And father sky
She follows her instincts
She knows herself
To nurture, grow, venture.
To protect with untamed fierceness
Scorned, but powerful
She stands strong
Amidst the cold bitter winds
She laughs,
She loves with all her heart
She cries depths of sorrows
She is.

Kept woman,
Knows what’s right and wrong,
Knows what society judges and condones,
Knows what society accepts.
Crafts her path carefully,
Within walls’ constraints.
Happily she lives,
Caring for her young,
Loving to her man,
Respectful to the old,
Admired by others.
Her heart whispers,
A longing for more,
But it doesn’t matter.
Her life is set,
Smooth within walls,
Star of the game,
Of her show.

Article By
Li Xuan
Co-founder, Emotional Wellness & Associate ICF-certified Coach @ Inner Friend.