Inner Work

How Inner Work Changed My Life

December 11, 2021
Li Xuan

When I share with people that I do inner work related to my emotions, trauma work or simply meditation, I often see a look of both awe and confusion. It is quite an unknown area, amongst my circle of friends and colleagues here in Singapore, where we are often brought up to be efficient doers and achievers in our studies and subsequently, our work.

In this post, I would like to share how inner work has changed my life. In short, listed below are the impacts I have observed and experienced.

Freedom from body tensions:

  • Relieving of long term body aches and stress.
  • Cycles of relieving migraine headaches and the emotional thought patterns underlying it.
  • Relieving of tightness in the abdomen, liver and womb.

Freedom of expression:

  • Finding my voice to speak up instead of just being a shy and quiet observer of conversations.
  • Becoming more courageous to speak up when I disagree or when there is a conflict/

Deeper authentic relationships:

  • Built deeper, more resilient and empathetic relationships with my family and friends.
  • Became more able to face and manage dominant people instead of cowering in fear.
  • Being able to put down my pride to say I am sorry and I was wrong, and to realise when my ego is in the way.
  • A deeper and more authentic relationship with myself, with loved ones, friends, colleagues and more.

Sense of Self and Purpose:

  • Connecting back to my body, my soul and consciousness. I felt like I finally came home to myself.
  • Freeing myself from the expectations of who I should be - successful, efficient, role model etc. This helped me be free from the cycle of running for responsibilities and status as a way to define who I am.
  • Relieving some generational traumas related to who I am as a woman, the role of a woman and who I am expected to be.
  • Feeling more frequently in touch with the natural openness and flow of life and of the natural space we live in yet are mostly unaware of.
  • Finding the senses of my purposes in this life
  • Feeling reconnected back to who I was, who I am and who I could be


I started out as a striving young professional who graduated with two Bachelor's degrees and two LKY gold medals from a prestigious university in Singapore. I landed a job in a multinational MNC, doing a role that was entry level and soon progressed beyond the entry level. Things were really going well. But it felt like something was missing, something that I couldn't quite comprehend.

Expansion with Inner Work

The inner work and exploration of my thoughts, emotions, wants, ego, perceptions, past and many more have opened up a whole new world. Through a variety of methods, including meditation, deep emotional visits to the past, coaching, drum healing, somatic healing, fortune telling, I started to understand myself and this world with vastly more perspectives than I ever knew possible. It's like my whole world has expanded and continues to expand.

Changing My Path

Listening to my heart, I took steps forward that seemed drastically different from my initial trajectory. As I progressed in my journey, I coached and guided others in the inner work through meditation, emotional healing, life coaching, and drum healing. I changed industry. For 3+ years, went through full-time healing / coaching and several toxic business / working environments that taught me some very important lessons. I started to know what I can and cannot do, which areas to focus on, and what to let go of. Now, while coaching and conducting meditation sessions, I am also working in the education industry and enjoying my role very much.

Lifelong Journey

It has been a long inner work journey, and I realise that it will be a lifelong journey. The learnings come in cycles. After working through the deep-seated beliefs that are so ingrained in my mind and body, I thought I am done, only to realise that the same issues rear their head again. I have come to accept that this is part of the process. There are layers, dimensions and more. What's important is to keep going, keep reflecting, keep trying and to free my mind from the limits of my perceptions.

I hope that sharing some of the above points would help you to realize the possibilities that could unfold with the inner work. After all, what we eventually manifest in our lives, years on down the road, was driven by our inner motivations, desires, impressions and assumptions.

If this resonates with you, feel free to reach out to us or to read more on this website.

Article By
Li Xuan
Co-founder, Emotional Wellness & Associate ICF-certified Coach @ Inner Friend.